Love Songs op. 22

Full title Love Songs for voice and piano op. 22 / Liebeslieder op. 22
Date composed 1904–1944
Details Original version:
1. Liebeslied / Love Song (text adapted from Jonas von Jodl)
2. Das Rosenband / The Wreath of Roses (Klopstock)
3. Zweifelnder Wunsch / Undecided Wish (Lenau)
4. Beatrix (Walter Calé)
5. Mailied / May Song (Goethe)

Revised version 1932:
Nos. 1–5 as above with the addition of one new song to conclude the cycle as no. 6. Der Phönix / The Phoenix (Heinrich Heine)

Final version, ca, 1944:
All but no. 5 as in 1932 version, but that song, Mailied, replaced by Abendgang zur Geliebten
1. Liebeslied / Love Song (adapted from Jonas von Jodl); vocal range: c# ‘–g#''
2. Das Rosenband / The Wreath of Roses (Klopstock); vocal range: eb'–g''; also notated in a version for a lower register
3. Zweifelnder Wunsch / Undecided Wish (Nikolaus Lenau); vocal range: eb'–g''
4. Beatrix (Walter Calé); vocal range: eb'–f#''
5. Abendgang zur Geliebten / Evening Walk to the Beloved (Heinrich Hart); vocal range: bb–gb''
6. Der Phönix / The Phoenix (Heinrich Heine); vocal range: d'–ab''

Original version composed 1908; revised version ca. 1932; final revision ca. 1944. No. 4, Beatrix, was originally titled So nimm denn meine Seele. No. 6, Der Phönix, was composed September 1904 as a single song.
Texts translated by Vally Weigl.
Dedication of the 1944 final revision: To our dear children Etta Ruth & Johnny on their WEDAY.
Manuscript sources NYPL JOB 73-117, holograph score of original version, titled: 5 Lieder für hohe Singstimme und Klavier / K.W.; and NYPL JPB 78-23, copyist's[?] score of final revised version, titled Liebes-Lieder für hohe Singstimme und Klavier op. 22.
Publication details Not published in Weigl's lifetime. Today the publisher of record is ACA.
Availabiity Performance score available from ACA and KWF.
Recordings No. 4, Beatrix: George Shirley and David Garvey (LP: Orion ORS 81407, 1973).

Love Songs for voice and piano op. 22: no. 4, Beatrix
Evelyn Chih-Yih Chan and Bárkányi Éva

Love Songs op. 22: no. 1, Liebeslied / Love Song
Betty Allen and David Garvey

Performances (click icon to expand or collapse list)
12 January 1910*** Vienna: Liederabend Elsa Pazeller: Elsa Pazeller, soprano; Karl Weigl, piano (nos. 1 and 4)***. Also on program: works by Brahms; Schumann; Zemlinsky; Wolf.
3 March 1973 New York, Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, Mahler—Weigl Program: Rosalind Rees, soprano; Vally Weigl, piano (no. 4). Also on program: Gustav Mahler, songs and Piano Quartet Movement in A Minor.
19 October 1974 New York, Donnell Library, Austrian Institute and Bruckner Society of America, Mahler—Weigl Program:Edmund Le Roy, baritone; Vally Weigl, piano (no. 1).
2 October 1999 Budapest, Benczúr Ház, The Music of Karl Weigl Memorial Concerts, concert 1: Three Songs op. 12 nos. 2 and 3, Love Songs op. 22 nos. 3 and 4, and Love Song (Evelyn Chih-Yih Chan and Bárkányi Eva); Two Pieces for cello op. 33 (Maróth Balint and Bárkányi Eva); Five Duets for soprano and baritone (Evelyn Chih-Yih Cha, Michael Kutner and Bárkányi Eva); String Quartet No. 4 (Akadémia Quartet [Környei Zsófia, Bodó Antónia, Móré László, Maróth Bálint)].