Five Songs op. 3

Full title Five Songs for tenor and piano op. 3 / Fünf Lieder für eine hohe Männerstimme und Klavier op. 3
Date composed 1905
Details 1. Pfingstlied / Song of Pentecost (Richard Dehmel); vocal range: g'-a''
2. Fraue, du Süsse / Lady, Thou Sweet One (Ludwig Finckh); vocal range: f#'-a#''
3. Bauer, lass die Rosen stehn / Peasant, Let the Roses Be (Des Knaben Wunderhorn); vocal range: eb'–g''
4. Herbstgefühl / Autumn Mood (Goethe); vocal range: d#'–g''
5. Mein Herz / My Heart (Nikolaus Lenau); vocal range: e'–g''

Composed 1904–1905.
Texts translated into English by Vally Weigl.
Dedication (printed in published score): Richard Specht freundschaftlich zugeeignet.
Manuscript sources NYPL JOB 73-101, holograph score (15 numbered and unnumbered pages, on separate folded folios), with a completion date at the end of each song—for Pfingstlied: 17./IX.1903 K.W.; for Fraue: 26./VI. 1905; for Bauer: 26./X. 1905; for Herbstgefühl: 5./XI. 1904; and for Mein Herz: 14./VII. 1905. The set numbers 1–5 were added afterwards, strengthening the supposition that the songs were not originally conceived as a set. See also NYPL JPB 78-25, a copy of the published Callwey score of Pfingstlied.
Publication details Universal Edition, 1910: U.E. 2976. No. 2, Fraue, du Süsse, was previously published separately in Die Musik 9, no. 7 (January 1910); No. 1, Pfingstlied, was previously published separately by Georg D.W. Callwey, n.d. Today publisher of record is ACA.
Availabiity Score available from ACA and KWF.
Performances (click icon to expand or collapse list)
4 February 1912 Vienna, Bösendorfer Saal: Elsa Pazeller, soprano; Karl Weigl, piano (nos. 1, 4, and 5).
November 1925 Düsseldorf, Ibachsaal: unidentified singer; A. Fröhlich, piano (nos. 1, 2, and 5).
8 November 1934 Vienna, Musikverein, Kleiner Saal, Liederabend Elsa Weigl-Pazeller: Elsa Weigl-Pazeller, soprano; Otto Janowitz, piano (no. 5). Also on program: songs by Walter Klein, Walter Bricht, Hugo Kauder, Hugo Wolf.
22 November 1938 New York, private musicale, home of Miss Henriette Michelson, Chamber Music Evening: Emil Rosenberg, tenor; Karl Weigl, piano (nos. 1 and 5).
5 April 2009 Taiwan, Novel Hall, First Taipei International Lyricism in 20th Century Music Festival: Five Songs for soprano and string quartet, with Evelyn Chan and the Jade Quartet (Annelie [Han-Lin] Liang, Huang Yen-Lin, Chen-Ying Lu, Shi-Yu Gina Yu). Also on program: Webern, Langsamer Satz; Baudelaire’s “Harmoinie du soir in settings by Debussy, Pierre de Bréville, and Zemlinsky; Schreker, three songs from 1909; Zemlinsky, Entführung; Bloch, Baal Schem for violin and piano; Wellesz, Sonata for cello op. 31.